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All Pro Jetting is owned and operated by Jason Armistead. Jason got his first Hydro Jetting experience over 20 years ago, as a teenager working with his uncle John in John's Plumbing Business. That experience, which included clearing residential lines, and doing maintenance services for municipal agencies laid the foundation for what is now All Pro Jetting.

More recently, Jason has been one of four Sewer Line Video Inspectors for one of California's premier Sewer Line Inspection Companies. Working for that company, Jason has conducted thousands of inspections. This experience has fine-tuned Jason's knowledge, ability and expertise.

While All Pro Jetting does maintain a limited retail client base, our primary clientele and marketing efforts focus on Plumbing and Real Estate Professionals, and service to those industries.

Using the latest, Brand New, State of the Art Equipment and incorporating our years of knowledge and experience, our focus is to achieve one objective: That is to service you, the professional client and make you look good through quick, efficient, affordable, and competent service.


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Hydro-jetting is a sewer cleaning process that sends a low volume of water (up to 18 gallons per minute) under high pressure (up to 4000 PSI) through specialty nozzles and flexible hoses to cut roots, lift and remove grease, and scour rust sand gravel and any organic materials obstructing your drain. It is intended to restore your drain pipes to their original capacity, and is the most efficient, economical and environmentally safe way to clean drain and sewer pipes. Hydro Jetting can easily and effectively cut through even the toughest roots, or debris. Hydro Jetting is effective in removing built up mineral deposits. One of the major benefits of hydro jetting over any other forms of drain cleaning, is that it has the power to remove almost any obstruction in your pipes. For example, it pushes any kind of debris or mineral deposits out of the way and clears the way for water to flow freely through the pipes. It also removes any excess build-up, grease, rocks, soap, or scum that often comes from dishes or laundry.


We perform sewer line video inspections using state-of-the-art cameras, recording systems, and the most accurate locating device available to identify potential problem areas in your sewer system. Our inspections include a color narrated video of the sewer line's condition, which is automatically recorded during the inspection. This video is included as a link in a computer-generated written report that is rapidly prepared by a qualified inspector and sent to you via email. In addition to industry standard camera inspection systems, we incorporate specialized cameras which enable us to access small lines. Most other companies do not go to the expense of purchasing this specialized equipment, and are therefore limited in their ability to inspect smaller lines.
Pre Closing Inspection During Escrow A video camera line inspection at your home or business can be beneficial before purchasing a home or commercial property to identify any potential brewing problems that may not occur until years after you have purchased the property. In the event a problem is identified during our inspection, knowing the condition of the sewer lines before closing escrow may save you significant amounts of money in future repairs and may give you a basis to negotiate an offset for future repairs prior to the close of escrow.
Video Inspection for Lost Items If you have experienced the loss of a ring or other piece of jewelry that has fallen into the drain, we may be able to help you locate and retrieve it. Out video cameras can be used to look for specific things, such as jewelry or other items that may be lost, potentially creating a blockage.
Unlike most inspection firms, we are also equipped to with specialty cameras to conduct video examinations of the smaller branch drain lines, such as the drain lines located under or within the structure.
Our inspections and reports are objective. We do not perform any repair work to the sewer system, which allows us to remain completely unbiased in our inspection and reports. Our goal is to provide you with the most objective and accurate information available, enabling you to move forward with your transaction with all the information necessary to make educated decisions regarding your real estate transaction.
In the event that repairs are recommended, we can provide you with a written opinion of the approximate cost for those repairs. While we do not do any repair work, we maintain a list of vetted, qualified professionals and can make this list available to you upon request.


All Pro Jetting features all new, state of the art equipment, which enables us to mark out the path of underground sewer lines. This can be useful during construction projects, so as to avoid unnecessary line disruption. It also allows us to pinpoint any problem areas within a line, as well as how deep the line is. This pin-point accuracy is beneficial, and can potentially save you thousands of dollars when a line must be exposed and opened up to resolve an issue.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We, here at All Pro Jetting do not perform repairs or replacements for the sewer line. This allows us to be completely non-biased in our findings and recommendations.

No, we do not inspect the septic system. However, we do inspect the main line to the tank and can locate the entry point to the tank.

The drain pipes under or in the building are the building drain system. This system connects to the main sewer line (also known as the building sewer) just outside of the structure. The focus of a main sewer line inspection is on the drain pipe outside the structure. We do offer specialty inspections of the building drain system if required.

All structures with any plumbing (sinks, showers/tubs, toilets, etc.) are required to have a main sewer line.

Many structures have main sewer line cleanouts. A cleanout is an access point with a removable cap to gain entry to the drain pipe. Cleanouts are normally used when the drain pipe is clogged and needs to be snaked out. When no cleanout is available, we can often gain access into the main sewer line by sending the camera down a vent pipe on the roof or by removing a toilet from the floor of the bathroom. The toilet is then reinstalled with a new seal when the inspection is completed.

The main sewer line is installed underground and therefore not visible. A main sewer line inspection involves sending a special camera into the sewer pipe so that its condition can be determined.

The main sewer line is the main drain pipe leading from the exterior of the structure to the city (public) sewer pipe connection normally found under the street or alley. The main sewer line can also connect to a private sewage disposal system such as a septic tank or cesspool.

Approximately 90% of the main sewer lines in Southern California have conditions occurring within them that require attention. Many of the main sewer line pipes are made from materials that either wear out over time or can be damaged by seismic activity and root intrusions. Conditions or problems within a main sewer line can remain hidden and unknown for an extended period of time, thereby potentially causing further problems and more costly repairs. Having a main sewer line inspection can help to catch any current and future problems at an early stage, potentially saving money on repairs or replacements.

Hydro Jetting is a method of drain cleaning or sewer cleaning that is used to eliminate serious clogs. Hydro jetting involves high-pressured water and is always performed by a professional Technician for safety and quality reasons. While it was invented in the 1950s, Hydro Jetting has become more popular in recent years thanks to improved technology and an increase in training.

A Technician uses a Hydro Jet—which is made up of a water tank, a pressurizing system, and a hose with a specialized nozzle—to clear buildup within a drain or sewer. Your Technician will insert the hose into your pipes through the cleanout. Then, once the Hydro Jet is turned on, it will force high-pressured water through the drain, clearing out any grease, minerals, hair, or other buildup in its way. Hydro Jetting can actually remove tree roots and other large clogs that may be causing problems.

If your sink, shower, toilet, or other fixtures have been draining slowly, this could indicate a larger problem within your pipes. Typically, if multiple drains are clogged or backed up or you have recurring drain problems, it’s a good indication that you could benefit from Hydro Jetting.

Snake drain cleaning involves a long metal or plastic cable with small blades on it. This tool, called an auger, is typically used by hand when a clog is located close to the drain. You or a Technician can perform a snake drain cleaning, which will help you pull the cause of the clog out of the drain.

Hydro jetting, on the other hand, involves water under high pressure. As opposed to snake drain cleaning, Hydro Jetting is only performed by a specially trained Technician for safety reasons. Hydro Jetting is more effective for larger clogs or persistent issues. Because Hydro Jetting affects all of your pipes, rather than just one drain, it’s more effective at treating larger issues. Hydro Jetting also offers a permanent fix, rather than a temporary one.

Because of the high pressure, Hydro Jetting allows for the fast, efficient removal of clogs. Additionally, Hydro Jetting can be used to clear large clogs and tree roots that may be blocking the flow of a pipe. Hydro Jetting also clears out grease, minerals, hair, and other buildup—leaving your pipes clean and less susceptible to future clogs.

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